The Institute of Egypt
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The Institute of Egypt
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Napoleon Bonaparte Desgenettes caffarelli Monge Dolomieu Andreossy
Costaz Protain Saint-Hilaire Fourier Conte Berthollet

Most of the scientific and archaeological projects in Egypt were directed by members of the Institute of Egypt. The Institute was set-up by Napoleon in August of 1799, just after Cairo was secured by his troops. The first meeting took place in the harem room of the palace of an exiled Mameluke, Hasân Kâchef. We have a visual record of the inaugural meeting made by Jean-Constantin Protain, an artist with the expedition; we know from the records kept who was present at this meeting; and we have separate portraits of those by Andre Dutertre, another artist. Can you match up Dutertre's portraits with the members of the group portrayed by Protain?

(Here is a hint: Protain hismelf, wearing glasses is show in the background, sitting on a banch, sketching away. Click on the photos above to enlarge and find more information about each member of the group.

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